vampirian love lyrics – galadriel

by full moon, in the darkest hours
in my heart, in my house of power
i can feel desire of your shade

mystic haze’s falling down on me
in the circle of the forest trees
if i want to live, i need your blood

through an ancient land
i’m wondering to you
with wind in my hair
i’m wondering to my love

for a moment, i have seen your face
in my mind, i remember that naked body
it was bleeding out of wounds

i drunk warm blood from her veins
she was my cure for all my pain
with her love, i can now live!

we drunk the blood, each other
i felt the change in my heart
we were like wolves, wolves in the hunt

then i embraced her
and veiled to my cloak
when the moon set down
we had to disappear… disappear!

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