vaginal hubris lyrics – jon lajoie

yo, this song’s dedicated to a very confident woman
that’s right, this goes out to my sister in law, jenny.

what? what?
she’s proud of her p*ssy, her peach, her bearded clam
is well groomed.
thinks that she’s the real deal, all other p*ss*es are
her v*g*n* is a church and her cl*t is the steeple, her
v*lv*’s one of barbera walters’ most fascinating

she’s got v*g*n*l hubris, v*g*n*l hubris
according to her vag all other p*ss*es are useless.
v*g*n*l hubris, v*g*n*l hubris.
her p*ssy confidence is unbreakable like bruce willis.

she said you’re never gonna leave, i’ve got the best
sausage wallet.
other guys would kill to get inside this c*ck socket.
i said, you may be overconfident you see, cause there’s
a lot of fresh fish in this v*g*n*l sea.
she said, my p*ssy is a 10 and your d*ck is a 3, you’ll
never find any better so you’re never gonna leave.
i said, guess what girl? i’m leaving, i want out of
cause your way too confident and it’s my hypothesis
that you’ve got v*g*n*l hubris, v*g*n*l hubris

if her p*ssy made movies, it’d be stanley kubrick.
v*g*n*l hubris, v*g*n*l hubris.
she *ssumes that her muffhammed ali never loses.
v*g*n*l hubris, v*g*n*l hubris
if coochies were the news, she’d be huey lewis.
put your hands in the air if you ever really get when
you take off your underwear.
she may be overconfident, but maybe her p*ssy sings and
dances like fred astaire.

let’s get on the highway, taking the car pool lane.

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