vaginaal nathrak lyrics – pin-up went down

hey hey!
that’s what they say:
you’ll have to prove who you are
and i know
the secrets of the greatest stars
let’s go! mais c’est pas possible!
but now i’m ready for my show
i’m ready to be your great mistress
and worldwide guys if you don’t let me go
i’ll make you taste the flavour of my whole inside!
“but your thirteen years old… girl?!”
what you seek
what you do
what you look for is not what i am nor what i want them to see
seek your freedom in the haze of cyprine army
und colonel! du bist keine k├Ânigin and u’re losing the ring of respect!
can’t imagine a world without my *** (your tadada)
not a hole to every key
not the answer to… oh… everybody.
just like a snake in time for the rest of all her life…
how i’m afraid it will never stop hophophop!
she melts her t*ts with pride to make the “coucou” alive
and i’m afraid it won’t stop hohopnope!
i wish a snake in my *** and i’m reigning on my life!
why are you afraid? (afraid…?)
that’s the wrong word!
i wish i could stand up!
imagine my world without my ***
i prey for the reign of my t*ts on the world!

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