vacant grave lyrics – loss

i am disgusted by the breed
that walks the earth
they are protected
from the punishment they deserve

can’t stand to witness
how it all falls apart
the greed is mighty
inside their poison heart

and you will find me in the darkness
crying out my pain
i’m sick and tired of the zombies
so tired of the slaves
i never asked for this to happen
so i’m not the one to blame
prepare the soil cause i’m ready
find for me a vacant grave

the road to ruin is paved
the sane ones head to their graves
prepare for asylum on earth
when they start giving birth

fear, my biggest fear came true
i leave it all for you
i close my eyes for a reason
shame, that’s what i feel
you pay with your sanity
for your misdirected sympathy

i say farewell now
i’ve had enough of scorn
as i disappear
you will only grow more

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