v.i.p. lyrics – infected

sign of death
in your thoughts and dirty eyes
losing mind
bl**dy arms
your f*cking tired veins are incised
deadly pain
soon you will suffocate
cracked brain
feel like dead
your reason in mutilation

alien i ives inside your f*ckin’ mind
controlling your life and all what you do
this commander hates all mankino
and now this b*st*rd ordering to you

tear your flash
take in hand
your beating heart from your chest
drink all the blood
from the veins
and you will feel loathsome taste
take a knife
let loose hate
and rip out your burning eyes
f*cking d*mnation
you commit this suicide sacrifice

there’s the beast inside your morbid brain
commanding to destroy yourself
you feel this f*ckin’ terrible pain
but you can’t break invisible cell

hey! you f*ckin’ fool!
look at your stupid face
now you p*ssed this rules
you’re jack*ss in that case

searching problems for this stupid head
this dumdum wants a lot to be dead
he does not have all this b*ttoms
i don’t give a d*mn for these b*st*rds

i don’t give a d*mn for suckers
with their problems and their life
god d*mn these f*ckin’ motherf*ckers
they may cut their neck with knife

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