upon the blue horizon lyrics – chris foster

upon the blue horizon a dream that never ends
around the unknown corner of whats real and whats pretend
we’ll never know tommorrow until it is today
upon the blue horizon. is where we’ll make our way
as i look out toward the east i see the coming of the day
with the west wind far behind me , thats where the past shall stay
in reaching for all the things i feel that i might be
till land and sky p*ss over me, its only then i’ll see
i’m a poet, i’m a singer, i’m a writer
i’m a teacher, i’m a student, i’m a friend
when i look into the mirror and see what i’ve become
will the blue horizon yeild a whole new path that i must run
i’m a seeker, i’m a finder, i’m a keeper
i’m a loser, i’m a winner in the end
as this life uncovers mysteries that turn my soul around
the blue horizons guiding me , till the sun tips to the ground
(instrumental break)
through all our fractured moments were better off by far
for always searching earnestly to find out who we are
through all the broken pieces that we’ve left in our wake
defines the finer moment. reality to take!
copyright 1997
chris foster

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