unrest in peace lyrics – this deafening whisper

the death of day is the womb of a cold night
prepare your guns; the dead are coming to town

cling on to your guts,
keep an eye on your back
issues are all shut
and they’re crawling in like rats

what’s left of their brains
will be melting down in flames

now that your mom was your brother’s very last meal
you feel the chaos of a life that seems so unreal
the city’s burning tonight
and you’re sitting on the ringside

can you hear the crows, flying at the gates
the seven trumpets, ringing the very end

we were too proud to hear the signs
the coming of the fallen ones was heralded awhile back

what should be resting in peace
decays now at our feet
and we’re too scared to run
and we’re too human to open fire

prepare to soak up the entire pavement
i’ll blow your head up, whatever’s left of it

come closer say h*llo to my new best friend
look him down the barrel, don’t be afraid

i’ll keep just one bullet for myself

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