unforgiven lyrics – cormega

im contemplatin
my soul is in a custody fight with god or satan
either rap or crack i go hard for paper
n*gg*s aint even as smart as deja
and think they rockin me to sleep or poppin me with heat
i don’t even take you serious i think you envious
i feel it i was born to deal bricks
and come through the hood in i’ll whips
the realness
who you think you deal with i don’t fear sh*t n*gg*
f*ck around and get hit up
your blood stained the pavement like paint from a portrait i painted
your moms seen the coffin and fainted
you’re swimming with the sharks and the water is tainted
if you feel it in your heart bring it
my infrared beam is on your head
my desert eagle severs people when i squeeze it
i measure keys you small time barely felony
only big time with jealousy my mind is telling me
strike like a mantis
you triflin b*st*rds want to see me in a casket
stop dreamin
lifes a b*tch i’m not leavin
i’m not even cheatin on or bring it on so i can start squeezin

my n*gg* biggie must have prophesized
when he said somebody got to die
my n*gg* pac must have felt deception
when he asked n*gg*s do you want to ride or die

y’all n*gg*s better duck when you f*ck with me
trust is a luxury i can’t afford it
so i prepare for war
i smear the wall with you and your mans
with plans you swear were flawless
i turn kids to orphans and live with caution
you can’t match the status in a jag with 10 crack commandments blazin
fake n*gg*s can’t stand it
i got sh*t established
you’re strugglin your hustlin skills are average
look and learn b*tch my cook’ll turn
a key to a key and a half
and he don’t even use a lot of heat on the gl*ss
i surp*ss nino blast like carlito
die slow
the fast life is evil im designed to blow
like a n*gg* who need time on the phone
you get it
forget it son im in a zone
im a live n*gg* when i decide n*gg*s must die
kiss your loved ones goodbye
n*gg* it’s f*cked up but it’s justified
i got clips that go through brick and whips customized
motherf*cker i
get money sit on bricks and 20s
n*gg*s aint takin sh*t from me

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