une annonce lyrics – william control

n what mindset does our character lie? if the st*tches that bind the fabric of our soul shrivel up and fall to pieces. can one say with absolute certainty, that he who was once filled with n*ble virtues, might suddenly be converted into a monster so beguiling that even his own shadow cowers in fear?
i have become that creature. a charming, vulgar, silhouette of my former self, dis- guised among you as one of your peers, waiting for that perfect moment to reach out and procure your soul. if you cannot view the intentions of a man by the look in his eyes two single heart beats after your first encounter, then you have no business calling yourself a queen. i know that some of you may balk, yet some may find the earnestness of your creation. the sky will open up and you will indeed be able to observe a brand new world right before your very eyes. i have already given you permission to sh*g, and it’s my hope that you have used that permission to your advantage. ladies and gentleman, what more can i say? i woke up in a city unfamiliar, i did so out of fear, on the ground lay my insides. i picked up the courage, determination and forgiveness from that pitiful bl**dy mess, to find myself and to discover the truth…

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