under the gallows lyrics – dead by tomorrow

this is the sound when i slam the door to the human
greed, my feet are like concrete i’m tired of all this
bullsh*t. the damage has been done but i won’t give up, i
keep my fingers crossed and then wake up. wise words of a
naive man. this is the light, which is setting through
the cloudy sky, a pale ray of hope’s enough to pick
yourself up. try not to throw the helve after the f*cking
hatchet, after the hatchet. every secret creates a
barrier, every liar makes a new rule. we have the key but
we can’t find the door, we have ideas but we don’t sit on
the throne, we are not soldiers but we fight in the first
line, we are the same but we are killing each other.
false prophets like snakes around our necks, self-
righteous smiles like a bullet in our faces. a dream of a
better world hovers before our eyes, we must hold on to
make a preferable life.

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