under siege lyrics – draxsen

diggers die to protect our homes from the unseen
still they invade from across the sea; we’ll take them
in you bet!
in leaky boats, our borders under siege. the precedent
is set.

the pc fan fair that’s holding us back, our weakness
they exploit
drive by shootings a random act, who’s this running
this joint?
the seedy side of the underworld there’s more than just
a few.
asylum seekers is all that they are!! we know that
that’s not true.

surprise surprise there in the news again. fanatics in
the extreme
from the scheming eastern sands, we swim against the
the pot it boils under the intense heat, to our
deafening screams.


so you want to bring our diggers home, when the jobs
half done.
it’s like we are running scared from the terrorist gun.
you must be joking, have you lost your mind. we aren’t
here for fun.

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