under satan’s spell lyrics – bewitched

[music and lyrics by vargher]

cursed blood in the chalice of death
the dagger is raised to the sky
a sacrifice of a newborn child
demons gather as the chosen one shall die

on the altar the blood is spilled
the sacrifice is done
ritualistic cannibalism
giving strenght to the devil’s sons

there’s a fire burning within me
scorching my soul
unholy reign of chaos
it’s taking control
soulsinner, soulslayer
d*mn me to h*ll
infernal majesty
i’m under satan’s spell

candles are lit in the ritual chamber
incence fill the air
the stench of blood growing stronger and stronger
and demons from h*ll appear

an infernal orgy of mayhem
a s*d*stic feast
ritualistic cannibalism
in honour of the beast

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