under autumn trees lyrics – enochian crescent

under autumn trees
black is my heart and dark shall it be
i forsake the evergreen
gray wisdom churns the coppered leaves

i am blessed with truth
ascending life
and surreal
sadness divine

under autumn trees
i embrace the bliss and kiss the soil
the embittered ground
a sentinel of all darkest lores
and solitude
my tranquil throne yet sinister

…and i whisper like the autumn leaves

absorb the balance and yearn for knowledge
impale the obscene of blind comp*ssion
a humble prayer (is) a fatigue lie
push the falling, it’s a new millenium

and you’ll p*ss on

under autumn trees
golden flame burns for eternity
descending to darkness
ether temptation of a saviour
under azure skies
i die to recall the pain

i’ve p*ssed into the afterworld…

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