ubotherme lyrics – home grown

you drive me up the f*cking wall,
i can’t stand you anymore.
i don’t want to talk to you,
i’d rather be ignored.
your mom’s a b*tch. your dad’s a jerk.
and you’re a nasty wh*r*.

i’m sick of all the things you do,
i can’t stand you anymore.
your breath is f*cking stinky, and your body smelly.
smoking all your cigarettes, you’re gonna burn in h*ll.
you’re a f*cking loser, you’re always getting stoned.
masturbating in your bedroom, when you’re all alone.

well, i don’t want your money.
i don’t want you around.
i don’t need your f*cking company.
because you bother me.
you bother me
you’re so d*mn annoying.
you bother me
you’re so irritating,
you bother me
yeah yeah yeah
you bother me

whenever you start yelling, my ears begin to bleed.
i don’t wanna listen, but you will never leave.
you are my ball & chain, there’s nothing i can do.
my mind is going to explode, being around you.
you’re always f*cking singing, all the trendy tunes.
play air guitar, you rock with gwar 666, you’ll be a rock & roll star soon.
going out to parties and acting really cool.
shooting up and drinking when you should be in school.

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