two-way lovin’ lyrics – c.w. mccall

(c.w. mccall, bill fries, chip davis)

ev’ry evenin’, when the sun goes down
and n*body can see me
i get my chevy an’ i cruise around
makin’ love on my cb
i say, “breaker broker for the wolfman, baby
we lookin’ for red ridin’ hoods
we definitely wants to modulate
we on the side, in the woods”

two-way lovin’
that’s all i want to doo-woo-woo
two-way lovin’
that’s all i ever want to doo-oo-oo-oo-oo

an’ she say “my, what a big pair of ears you have.”

mama wants an eighty-eight

now the other evenin’ i was all alone
wasn’t nothin’ to do
i called my baby on my microphone
says, “h*llo, where is you?”
she said her twenty was a-grandma’s place
(which is down in the woods)
i ask her do she want to modulate?
like a good hood should

love me baby, hold me tight
kiss me with your little mike
don’t you turn your squelch on me
two-way lovin’
that’s all i ever want to doo-doo-doo-doo doo-doo

she say, “my, what a big 10-4 you have, baby”

mama hold your mike up tight
daddy treat your beaver right
gonna modulate all night

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