turbo lyrics (ft. boston george) – marcus manchild

i’m givin’ b*tches the blues, n*gg*
rule boy, wrong call me a rule, n*gg*
tryin’ eat, bring me my food, n*gg*
these tomatoes are strong as the f*cking crew
so loose screws are not allowed
we poppin’ out
what’s popular with these watch us now
they watch us tryin’ to get dollars of our deep pockets
to screamin’ baby momma, now
no, not having them like abortions
as i record and i torched it, f*ck
i’m scorching, turbo life
hot, you in your sleep like i’m freddy krueger
of course this that new way
don’t sink, homie, be washed up
no dishes up in the sink, homie
money – the root of all evil is what they say
well i’m thanking the deep money
house, cars and me rollin’,
holly sh*t i swear i gotta have it
you could’ve been by me
my body baggin’ a lot of swaggin’,
these rappers mad gets in
them b*tches rap sheet and broke like a
it’s like the first time a n*gg* had crisp
go buy my first first cl*ss trip
and f*ck my first r’n’b bad b*tch
i swear to god it was everything i imagined
flow, it’s so crafted i swear that i’ve perfected it
go sh*t, i know that you’d put my neck at risk
mind of a rebel that’s intelligent
i’m having
but sh*t over my haters for the h*ll of it
bong weed in new york i’m inhaling it
two grown out, two blown out of another sh*t
that’s what i’ve stole with these naked hoes
who don’t come out of their clothes
for regular joes, hoe
man, these rappers are hilarious
you can’t compare to us
i’ve got to burry ’em and scarin’ ’em
make them hate the day they was born
go home, hock it up and spit in the face of their mom
now they picture my thug tryin’ to sp*ce with a gun
make a crater that’s in the name of the lord
you can go ask josh, if i lie hit them all
the truth count like money and lies i can’t afford
papa said i should pimp, nine inches in blood
but i do not have time ’cause hoes make me annoyed
on the phone with a hoe, conversation got borin’
put on her on speaker phone and started pressing record
i’m like, look, this turbo life, it’s what we do here
it’s a fast life

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