trippin with dick vitale lyrics – kid rock

dum diti dum dang dang di dum
2 b*ms in an alley with a bottle of rum
1 b*m said look jack i’m the sh*t
put his knees to his ears and sucked his own d*ck
my mothers crazy i think she sniffs glue
she never liked me and i know that’s true
kicked me out the crib becuz i got a tattoo
no one loves me and no one cares
and all i ever get is funny stares
i can’t help it if i’m nothin but a wino
so i hang at the zoo chillin with the rhinos
stealin’ bottles of booze outta a & p
i know a girl at denny’s and i always eat free
got the same birthdate as thomas cr*pper
for christmas i bought the old man the clapper
i’m so dapper u can call me dan
but they call me round eye when i’m chilin in japan
got a bad *ss b*tch adn she ain’t no dike
but f*ck that ho and let me tell ya what i like
i like bean burritos from taco bell
i like trippin on acid with d*ck vitale
my hair ain’t plastic and my clothes aren’t clashin’
i write my rhymes on a schooner in a 90’s fashion
took too many many trip and now i can’s stop trippin
my mellow d. killed a rat in the kitchen
u think u toke tuff i’d disagree
n*body blows more doobs than richard d.
i get ill on hoes who i know ain’t fertile
i’m a real jet setter like cecil turtle
i’m down with bill bands so f*ck joe glover
and while i’m at it m*th*r f*ck fat *ss sally struthers
u look fine girl kinda undercover
but i can’t f*ck ya cuz you look like my mother
i said dang digee dang di dang dang
it ain’t eric estrada or kool and the gang
u know i hand in the clem chillin on the strip
with all them mother f*ckers who slang that sh*t
u know i’m a pimp hold my d*ck like a holster
u sing it “all the girls want a kid rock poster”
lifes a big joke and that’s how it strikes me
but f*ck it cuz i know “somebody up there likes me.”
*ssholes are only *ssholes, fo sho’

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