trinity lyrics – near death condition

aum! from the still and silent void
came all that is movement
by the sacred sound of creation
that contains the expansion of the universe

three symbols divine manifestations
one for each movement of the universe
the cosmic balance of the lord of sleep
that transcends all that is

in a perpetual cycle of three stages
the universe is created, lasts, and collapses
through the day and the night of the neutral one
at the rhythm of the dance of the lord of sleep

let us speak the sacred syllable
that manifests the greatness of god
one and numerous
he transcends the creation

let us sing the sacred sound
that represents the divine trinity
the three states of the universe
in one that transcends all that is

three is the universe
as it is manifestation, duration, and collapse
three is the world
as it is heaven, earth, and h*ll
three is the knowledge
as it is rig, yajus, and saman
three is god
as he is creator, preserver and destroyer

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