trash can lyrics – kasabian

no turnin back, no turnin back
my friend you got a gl*ssjaw
but i like it
i see my head this time
and i’m, i’m a fugitive
but a less for the long run
i’m aware, i’m aware that i, i can’t get down
i cheat the sun as i’m fallin off
as you p*ss them off on me
and i’m… i’m sorry but n*bodys safe
n*bodys safe

no turnin back, no turnin back
the circuitry has bound my face to a line
blood p*ss this body
but i feel that i’ve been saved
pulse with the heartbeats
backtrack the clock
it keeps on knockin
its changed and betraying me

i see no sun and i feel alright
and i call out “its suffocating me”
cause n*bodys safe
n*bodys safe

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