towards berzenelon lyrics – darkened nocturn slaughtercult

ainsoph – the principle of all and nothing,
from the possession of no property –
flows the berzenelon into the universe.
impenetrable in blackness,
striking it`s roots with infinite mult*tude –
each solitary standing for it`s own revelation.
pencilled vigour – strong and of devestating power!
astral darkness – is the foundation of unconsciousness:
the i!
the i!!
the i!!!
through knowledge of thunder spearheads,
obtained are guidance and iron reign.
for within the deed sheer violence lies…
…will be death as the repercussion of
omnipotence and excalted graciousness!
the victim`s blood will as fragrantly smoke
ascend to almighty heights.
enshrouded by secrets,
the utmost deep thought of greatness and power,
darkens thick fog in bottomless death.

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