total decimate lyrics – regain the legacy

we jump in to the portals of the mimicry!
the surgical opera begins again!
by uncontrolled darkness the portraits will turn black!
with pictures of the almighty faces and their broken

this century of lunacy devours our mentality!
chronology! we’ll never see! those victories that
couldn’t be!

they are playing our requiem! these notes are making me
but dissimulated pentagram reminds about that sound!
wretched one from scorned world just ghost in modern
he is slaughtered in our souls, regained our legacy!

we are slowly disconnecting with them! this code is
colored by red!
dead signal calls! sic time is running out!
so follow our h*rn and fall into the darkness!

we’ve brought the total decimate for your world!
simurg has risen — now it’s your turn!
this is beginning of whole mess, so jump with us!

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