too perverted lyrics – jeru the damaja

ain’t nothin’ worse than a wack mc
unfortunately that’s all that surrounds me
so i come to crush the unstable structure
it’s the return of the dopest brooklyn motherf*cker

to ever ignite the mic, get it right
mad respect, pimps, grap your hoes, punks, grab your checks
what’s next, pure nonsense and the style ya flex
and you’re so bl**dy p*ssy, you need a kotex

latex because they’re drippin’ v*g*n*l juices
so many so called gangsta n*gg*s and their booty producers
now watch the act that’s vanishin’
gold and platinum but who gets the publishin’
not to rub it in, drop it in your box, now your dubbin’

my company f*cked up my projects momentum
but i’m still winnin’ ’cause i’m a winner
came to the table with snakes they had snakes on they’re plates
plus’ n*gg*s on they’re plates, they put figures in my plate

i took the loot unscathed ’cause i couldn’t dine wit ’em
see 17, age 19 [incomprehensible]
on a podium, at this time you are rewindin’
and like solar and lunar, you’re clockin’, it’s too perverted

it’s too perverted, you heard it

so deep that it becomes fossilized
too many times i find my style between mc’s inside
[incomprehensible] but they swallow their tongues like seizures
i pierce flesh and strike nerves like acupuncture

or acupressure, feel the wrath of my mathematics
kinetics, you need a local anesthetic
’cause your system has acquired an immune deficiency
overwhelmed by my telepathy, no sympathy

cursed [incomprehensible] but graceful like calligraphy
and [incomprehensible] like [incomprehensible] was not to mc
life givin’, yet i’m still deadly
and before you step to me, remember it’s too perverted

it’s too perverted
it’s too perverted, you heard it
it’s too perverted
it’s too perverted, you heard it

master rhymin’ so i’m steadily climbin’
i rip through mics like when my d*ck strikes the hymen
total controller, some claim to be bolder
but they rotate around the lunar, i keep it solar, polar

who vibrates and radiates
thunder, lightning, earthquakes from north to south
east to west test the best get sprayed
drop jewels, burn papes, till my ride escapes
awkward flow to some it’s even unorthodox

bone crushin’, life threatnin’ like the jaws of a crocodile
your hunny wishes to stay a while
and i told her she could stay, am i foul or just too perverted?

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