tomorrow lyrics – edguy

i tried to call you but you were gone
way too busy stickin’ the labels on
deciding who will swim in the talent pool- and what is cool

cultivating more popularity
overly concerned with what not to be
trendy little fashions that please the eye- you’ll televise

whatcha gonna do tomorrow?
whatcha gonna do when it’s over?
i just don’t fit into the clique
you’re so hip you make me sick
whatcha gonna do tomorrow?

pay no attention to quality
churning out the pap like a factory
the only standard is how ya feel- not what is real

you never heard a word that i said
totally convinced that the sound was dead
creating categories that fit the times- condition minds

you move ’em in and move ’em out like they were cattle
burn a brand into their hide
with all apologies to l.a. and seattle
cloning is artistic suicide

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