together we can lyrics – the cheetah girls

we can do anything
just you and me baby baby baby baby baby babe
wait and see.

[verse 1]
hold on, sit tight.
are you ready for a crazy ride?
your on your own, it ain’t right.
something gotta give tonight.

so if you wanna run, run and disappear.
you and i can bust our way right out of here.

[chorus x2]
together we can.
shoot the moon, stop the rain even ride a hurricane,
if we wanna.
together we can.
walk into sp*ce, save the human race, do you think we oughta, oughta? [x2]

[verse 2]
here we take our time, we can have it all.
i don’t think we’re gonna make it on our own.

together we can.
even ride a hurricane, if we wanna. (c’mon)
walk into sp*ce save the human race.
do you think we oughta?
together we can!

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