tiny particle of pollen lyrics – blind iris

boxed up emotion
need a little head room
old soul told me
we’re all walking in line
feeling tucked away
a dusty family heirloom
this place is like rehab
everybodies tried

i’m dying to let you know
need this sp*ce to breathe
our blood is left to go
beneath the soil breeds

never felt alive
till a day in december
often got grounded
seldom enforced
all fired up
like a burning hot cinder
turn down the heat
as i steer my course

i’ve been lifting weight
never felt better
there’s a rainbow of deception
about a question in the sky
professors and debt collectors
don’t care about the weather
anyone can break the law
without a criminals mind

i’m dying to let you know
i need this sp*ce to be
blood that’s left to go
beneath the soil breathes

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