ticket to russia lyrics – keepsake

right wing, wrong way out of a big mess
and i’m stressing out over information learned on air.
i’m taking very good care of the people and the places i love.
we are in bed with the one.
channel the money and run.
doc*ments destroyed and the public isn’t raising questions.
i think i have the answer.
it’s got a mile to reach the tip of my tongue
and i’m sleeping just to dream.
a victory.
it’s bittersweet.
i’m making plans on my own.
rocket makers open shop.
build a bridge, the key to globalization.
rocket ships are so much fun.
now i think i’m giving up.
left wing, write me a proposition.
write me just a little more than a punchline, out line in.
have a gl*ss of good gin and listen to the music as it plays.

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