thug freestle lyrics – bmw

yo son i own a gun
and when you hear click click b*tch
that means run
cause semi automatic’s what im all about
and i shooht and i shoot untill my clip run
i’m like clypse b*tch im grindin
and like a bright star i’m shining
i’m like the energizer bunny keep goin and
i’m like eminem and 50 keep flowin and flowin
you can bust me a beat any where on the street
i start bustin out these rymes anyday anytime
and when i ride i ride wit 6 in the chamber
reach into my pockets and i put your life in
i got a gun so it’s best not to tempt me
cause when im fusterate i shoot till my clip
is empty
i am a thug so dont say nothin
i’ll kill yu m*th* fuca do you think i’m
f*ckin frontin

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