through unknown lyrics – red descending

lead us all, towards an early grave
tear us apart and murder in god’s name
forget our face, the slave to your own death campaign
forget ourselves, we’re silenced in dismay’

rise up! we have to take charge
they’ll lead us to torment, nail us to the ground!
feed their ego then cut them unaware
they’ve raped us and burned us destroyed us in our
told us we’re nothing, nothlng but d*mn fools
destroyed us in our name and fed us to the wolves

lead us all, into a burning lethal refuge
tear us apart and bury us in shallow graves
forget our names, today it seems our blood is stained
forget our pain, and wash away our war with rain

feed their ego then cut them unaware. down!
we’re off to find solitude as hope’s almost gone…

hör hur folket kallar oss, finn oss var styrka

lead us to the sea
the ships give us power to reach victory
lead us to the sea
after thousands of years we wait eagerly

they deconstruct the enemy
and construct walls of cities
the undead of history
will live forever in memories

och när de är borta komhier vi att sakna dem
vi kommer att hitta ett annat sätt att känna
bortorn mörkret som vaktar oss
om jag ändrar färg sä förblir jag fridfull

to feel strong unleash the beast
the race of mercenaries
now at rest they will be missed
they found glory riding through the mist
heart and soul, and through unknown
a loyal servant rides his pegasus

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