three years deep lyrics – dividing the masses

this is the end
i’ll never look at you the same way again
you walk a path of shame, all the while bearing your
father’s name
would he be proud? would he be proud of the woman you’ve

do you find some sense of comfort filling your life with
broken nights?
it’s hard for me to picture what’s been between those
and really, it’s not like i’m some golden boy
but this is all still nothing new for trash like you
we’ve been through this once before, yet here you are
trying to convince me to lower myself to your standards
do the world a favor and never sober up again

you play the victim so well,
as if none of us can tell
that’s no way for a woman to carry herself
that’s no way for a woman to respect herself
you’ve spent the last three hours knee deep in all your
begging to get your fill from a man that means nothing to
it’s people like you who make me scared to be a father
because i would never want to call someone like you my

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