three week a habit lyrics – a.tone da priest

i’m going blind with anger, cause i can’t find the truth
gone out my life this stranger, that i swore i thought i knew
well as i’m forced to hang here, sleepless nights i shall ensure
i feel my hearts in danger, so overgrown and so blue
you tried to tell me wait but my pride won’t let me stay, i’ve gone away
and picked another fate for me, cause i couldn’t fake it anymore
f*ck the semantics; i’m sane as an addict
and gainfully distracted, the pain i’m a m*s*ch*st
rain till the past is swept, change doesn’t last
less you make it your p*ssion, it’s three weeks a habit
(verse 2)
it’s hard to forget you, dreams keep you close to me
begin to resent proof, that there ever was a we
i’m going down, self-imposing a frown
to my face, regret fills my plate, from me i can’t escape
alone and sp*ced out, plagued by doubt i medicate my pain
just a junkie, you can’t trust me see all things remain the same
in this game, you played me, made me a contestant
i’m still dealing with the loss but slowly i accept
feel me headless, and heartless, my sense in none right now
close my eyes, sigh, i’m living with the lights out (i feel like)
(verse 3)
another day gone, i stay up on my own sh*t that tone sh*t
that i’m in this world alone b*tch
condone this distraction i’m actually through
no more p*ssion, it’s absent or asking about you
what can you do with time but let it go by
mind progressive, to possessive, yet i blow it getting high
but i’m right, you’re wrong, i’m publishing this chapter
the next after the storm to relinquish this disaster (and to)

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