three voices of fate lyrics – jag panzer

beth, mac
beth, beware mac
beware the thane of fife. enough!


where didst thou leave? yet give warn
why fear mac
duff? i need hear more! ye macbeth you’re kingship will stay
til birnam wood shall meet dunsinane


live on mac
duff, why should i fear
you too must die, my guilt to clear
i am mac
beth! i will stand strong! and forever reign
laugh in the face of men who come to slay thee
no one of woman born may lay hands against thee

beth spoken]

“then i will slay mac
duff and his family anon”i am mac
beth, none will defy, even mac
i seal a bond to rid this earth the name mac


time is now to strike his family down
i hear mac
duff has left them all alone
no talk of murders and dead
retain the crown upon my head
i am mac beth. all testify i will survive
i crush the words those who defy. none left alive

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