thousands lyrics – chino xl

intro: dismal sketches of… jersey trife sh*t
fire and brimstone is our life’s stage
so we pack enough heat that we could melt the next iceage
a rich n*gg* is still a n*gg* just harder to fade (why?)
there’s thousands of ways to get payed (x5)
verse 1:
i’m that type of rapper that’ll take a half an hour in advance
(and do the hustle) and i don’t mean that 70’s dance
the king of punch lines i do what i gotta for my backroll
slicing yayo with powder with my b*ss latter gettin’ dasterly for
fiends dream of stabbing me, bo diggity is never snagging me
chino equality for the high or low black son i’m betting on that
seeking universal mastery
should i put platrum plaques on my wall like a latin art gallery
ol’dirty should of f*cked maria, my rap the barbed wire fences
ancestors egyptian princes, showing you a view to a kill
giving you fatal glimpses, stacking papes like there’s 10 of me
your hootie’s an obsenity, corporate at the pope
but shooting bullets with no memory
“i gotta get mine, i gotta get cash”
verse 2:
i need that cream split and i’ve seen
enough cowboy movies to know a white man’s hand shake don’t mean sh*t
so back in 9-5 i said “f*ck a 9 to 5” i ain’t john travolta
gun in holster, man stayin’ alive, from new jerz to cali
get my swerve, servin’ silence, ultra violence
a lot of islands, avoiding n*gg*s that’s spineless
i got the lay, who’s beefing this kid heartless
harry reasons vary, shot him at the vally
took the jag keys from the valay, robert shalay
top down drove away, pumpin’ hip hop hooray
i’m so full of shame, it’s awful strange
local crew conplain i’m spitting out more keys than an opera sings
vocal range
f*ck playin’ ceelo, half latino, chino exquistness, the streets
never personal, shorties still in monteros for deneros
way past the current few, violate mine and get done like al sharps
perms do
my rents due, gotta make that revenue
you dodge bullets like bobby brown on my avenue
yellow n*gg* with an att*tude, tommy hilfigure booster too
from the morph of the martinees b*tches from catholic school
uptown they call my parabal, crack ho selling genitals
trading they souls for salindriacal capsals
my products is unhabitable, please don’t feed the animals
(why?) new jeru is a f*ckin’ zoo
verse 3:
for my peoples that’s making rap fans
downin’ n*gg*s with credit card scams, jackin’ strickly toyota land
cruisers making moves in large proportions
dressing like white boys, sticking up norstoms
i done seen n*gg*s taht go from college graduations
to illegal cannibus connection with jamacians
hooked up with asians for motor-rola flip phone activating chips
selling exotic dips as they occupation, do what you gotta
b*tches turn tricks like a globetrotter
got adults playing cops and robbers, it’s hot like lava
ghetto kids breeding rotweilders
selling ’em flipping grip for product no problem
genius n*gg*s pull 6 figure burglaries, f*ck a wanted sign
they can afford plastic surgury
i’m a surviver, street scholar
smoking a pontom leaf with pitbulls see drippin’ saliva
for the mighty dollar

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