this too shall pass lyrics – mark lowry

woke up this morning with the years i’ve spent
hanging heavy on my mind.
at times i see
so much in me
i wish i’d left behind.
but the one thing i’ve learned
as the years have turned,
and they sure have traveled fast.
i don’t have to stay where i am today because
this too shall past.

this too shall p*ss.
this too shall p*ss.
and the tears that fall like raindrops now
will finally dry at last.
this too shall past.

sometimes i’m laughing with a crowd of friends,
and still i feel alone.
there’s a place inside
full of tears i hide
that i’ve only cried alone.
but i know that he’s near,
and i know he hears,
and i know these tears won’t last.
this pain today
will be swept away because
this too shall p*ss.

chorus x 2

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