this is where we meet lyrics – a past unknown

there is nothing i can ever do to make myself appear
like i have it all together. i’ll watch myself crumble.
every time i try it gets harder to get it right. good
motives i have kissed goodbye to sell the product not
the life.

you still see me as a fallen ent*ty, grasping what i
can’t attain by myself, it’s all on display. give me a
second try that i don’t deserve, failing is part of my
life but it’s what i choose. do i want to make things
right or get caught up in the spiral that tears my life

not on my own i’ll give up every time. i am so frail,
progress is hard to find. i can’t remain in this state
where i fall away, it’s haunting, it’s blaming, it
crushes me. can i be restored? where i don’t hurt?
where mistakes are forgotten? given a second try to
make things right?

i’m breaking down, is this my fate? you have held me up
for so long but still i disappoint. your love never
fails; it’s my choice that comes between all you have
planned for me.

forgive my failures; they are too much to take on, too
much to swallow. i can’t stand on my own, i will always
fall. i can’t do this alone, a never ending cycle that
causes me to stumble and give up what i long for. i
don’t deserve to make this right, i failed, i lost,
this is where we meet.

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