this is compton lyrics – compton’s most wanted

compton’s most wanted
it’s a compton thang
this is compton
[ verse 1: mc eiht ]
fresh off the streets from the underground
nick-named mc eiht, black brother gets down
came to dazzle with the hip-hop funk
to let em know (this is compton) now what’s up, punk
westside rulin all world cause i dump
and the city that i’m from take no sh*t from a chump
n*gg*s don’t care if their enemy’s beefin
pretty soon it’s a homie you’re grievin
you entered the criminal zone
if you’re just a little punk-*ss fool, you should run on home
try to compare? get real
i’m from compton, so you should know the deal
ballers, skeezers, no age limit matters
loced-out m*th*f*ckas make the one time scatter
toe to toe, draw my mic and start dumpin
it’s the down mc eiht, and fool, this is compton

(this is compton)

[ verse 2: tha chill ]
another crazy n*gg* from the city
chill’s from the c-p-t, you got beef? what a pity
i don’t play, cause i slay all rap suckers
down with e, killin rookie m*th*f*ckas
squabbin in the streets, with the left you fall
make a right on alondra, see my name on the wall
not like the banger, but i bust up
(any punk-*ss fool that’ll step up)
so follow me into the zone they call panic
hubs by the dub, but suckers act frantic
n*gg*s rollin hard, number one on the pop
crazy brothers goin out all for the g*ngb*ng, stop
compton is thumpin, suckers we stompin
rhymes on hit, but they still talk sh*t
i gives a f*ck about a fool who’s frontin
they call me tha chill, and yo, this is compton

(this is compton)
(say it louder)

(who’s playing all that d*mn loud-*ss music out there?)
(compton’s most wanted, punk, rollin four deep)
(who’s playing all that d*mn loud-*ss music out there?)
(eiht’ll get crazy, kill like the terminator)
(who’s playing all that d*mn loud-*ss music out there?)
(boy, hold up, tha chill’s on the stage)
(who’s playing all that d*mn loud-*ss music out there?)
(i plays the drums, the sp-1200)
(eiht is back again with power after hour)
(tha chill is ready, so p*ss me the sack)

[ verse 3: mc eiht ]
compton is the city that i’m claimin
hardcore fact with the gat, to the punks i start gamin
devious, so what do you expect?
i’m from the city on missions, and i pop your f*ckin neck
people understand what i’m sayin
talk more sh*t, i’m on hit, keep the fools all payin
n*gg*s make the scale when they bail
police punks talk sh*t, but you still get out of jail
eiht represents the place with the b*ss
the beat you won’t beat, you’re just a disgrace
try to be casual, but that sh*t won’t work
get sweated in a minute, cause they down for the dirt
maximum capacity, the crowd just jumps
for the rhythm that i give em, make the souls all pump
energetic, so don’t forget it, yeah, the eiht keeps pumpin
and fool, this is compton

(this is compton)

[ verse 4: tha chill ]
punk m*th*f*cka, tha chill will destroy ya
with the dope hub style for ya
bein that you’re just another fan on the tip
get dropped by eiht, ant, bam, and slip
suckers better watch out, chill’s here to scr*p
as i say it everytime in my m*th*f*ckin rap
just like a warzone got my territory marked
you be slippin if you’re caught in the dark
(sorry clown) don’t be slippin
don’t go head up with tha chill
cause chill can kill
i can’t stop because the city i’m from
i get too f*cked up, and kick the *ss of a b*m
so if you got static, punk keep frontin
yo e, they know where the f*ck we from…
yo, this is compton

you sorry-*ss m*th*f*ckas can’t deal
especially you sucker-*ss d-v-3 m*th*f*ckas
y’all m*th*f*ckas is too crazy
if y’all think y’all can hang with compton’s m*th*f*ckin most wanted
in effect
for ’89 straight to the 9-0, fool

sucker-*ss n*gg*s
can’t fade us
punk-*ss perm-wearin p*ss*es

yeah i like that sh*t
sh*t, i’m about p*ssed off, man
hey ant, let’s get the f*ck out of here

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