this day lyrics – epoxies

i think i know you so glad to meet you
i need to see you i wanna spit right in your face
you think you’re s*x or?
i know you’re nothing when the guilt trip’s off your face
and if you and i are smart we’ll never meet again

i know this feeling it bleeds my insides
i wanna fight and f*cking bury them alive
i am your nun i’ve been a good girl
so now you’ll kill the p*ss just to make it out alive
if i am smart i will never hear from you

this day i’m better alone
this week i’m on my own
this month i will get by
this year will never die

when will this leave me? when is it over?
? every time i breathe
i’m going down it’s coming inside
the sweat and l*st in here that i will always see
and if you and she are smart we’ll never meet again

i’ve been a good girl i’ve been a weak girl
her fates will follow with the day i clear my head
i will not break i will not listen
i will be happy when the visions are dead
and if you are smart you will begin again

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