this buds for you lyrics – dead serious

you turned your back
lost your respect
there’s nothing left
and i can’t forgive what you did
you piece of sh*t
you became just what you said
you’d never be
oh my god look at you now
it’s too f*cking late
we can’t relate and you’re
not the person i knew
staying true, its not so f*cking hard
but its too much to ask of you
you’ve got the drinks lined up
till you cant stand up
now what am i supposed to do?
you drunk
you dont even think, and we watch a part of you die
you smoke
i hear you choke, every word you said was lies
you laugh
you just sit back, make fun of what we had
youll talk your sh*t about how it was
and it sounds contrite and lame
but we’re still holding on
and now you’re f*cking gone

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