they speak in wavelengths… lyrics – worth dying for

in apprehension, with all due respect
we sold our souls to the highest bidder
vain admiration in our eyes
and all we wept were tears and ashes
verbose offerings to gods in silver towers
falling crashing
their failures dictate the fate of the world

unsung and relentless
our hope is like a th*rn in their sidev
we congregate in silence
words are unspoken so are the lies

a world unconceived
in a universe unseen
a mind amidst the t*tans
embodied in the darkness

sacred scriptures created to bind the m*sses
a cornerstone we’ve laid to build empires
shadows of times past when the strongest heroes
were afraid of the phantoms of the earth

they’re hiding the stars in trails of satellites
letting them out one by one to keep us satisfied

deconstructing the fabric of our minds
they hide and they speak in wavelengths
infiltrating our lives
they hide and they speak in wavelengths

/ worth dying for lyrics