they hate me lyrics – a-rap

why these n*gg*s be hating on me man?
is it cause i get money? (yeah)

[hook: a-rap]
why these n*gg*s hating on me? (ay why they hating on me?)
why these n*gg*s hating on me? (ay why they hating on me?)
why these n*gg*s hating on me? (ay why they hating on me?)
why these n*gg*s hating on me?
is it because a n*gg* still get money?
is it because a n*gg* keep on stunting?
is it because i get a lot of f*cking paper?
or is it because i’m still screaming f*ck a hater?

[verse 1: a-rap]
i’m like why in the f*ck these n*gg*s hating on me
plotting trynna come up with a way to take from me
i ain’t worried ’bout sh*t, you ain’t taking nothing
but if you think about it, than we can spray something
f*ck it. i’m ready. i got that thing its heavy
don’t hang around nothing but o.g.’s, they say i’m ready
i pull up in a chevy, just bought my girl a lexus
them louis on my feet i hit the scene and sh*t get reckless
aye i’m a young n*gg*, with a lot of paper try to stay from fakers
cause they will fact-date you
yea i’m gone club hop tonight and i’m gone do it major
blowing money in the air screaming f*ck a hater
i ain’t worried ’bout sh*t, that’s my att*tude
in the vip with bad b*tches smoking p*ssion fruit
i like my girls drinking on nothing but that goose
give them 2 shots, guarantee them hoes get loose
(yeah) this sh*t ain’t nothing, cause i’m use to the money
with a check i stay running, but try to rob me i’m gunning
you ain’t talking ’bout nothing ain’t had no job, tommy
you will never jugg a n*gg* like me, no dummy
i’m a real *ss n*gg*, i’m round nothing but killers
handle my business wit dealers, r.i.p. biggie he feel us
probably hit the car-lot tomorrow and buy me an audi
2012 show you f*ck n*gg*s i’m about it
fully loaded with the wood grain interior
pull up in bankhead, westside i’m so serious
i’m like max payne in the game, you can’t stop me
the best thing for you to do, is just sit down and watch me
been had a sack, b*tch and i still got it
don’t carry no wallet, just put it in my pocket
i ain’t trynna do no swapping, all i need is my license
walk around wit 10 bands, and i’m feeling so priceless
stack it up some more so i can get a maybach
when they see me whipping in it they going to hate that
its f*cked up when you doing good and they hating on you
mad cause you got something, and they ain’t got nada
f*ck that sh*t where the kodak at i want to take a pic
send it to bad b*tches only ain’t dealing with no tricks
them the main hoes first night trynna suck yo d*ck
and when she get done sucking ask can you lick her sh*t (h*ll naw
(got me f*cked up b*tch, i’m ’bout money man
yeah m.o.b. all day man, if you ain’t getting no money, f*ck you!)

[hook: a-rap]

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