they don’t like that lyrics – dem franchize boyz

yeah….dfb b*tch
ay, ay, ay, ay

h*ll naw {they dont like that}x4
f*ck that n*gg*, f*ck dat b*tch
h*ll naw they dont like that sh*t

[verse 1:]
i’m a side on the sceen {y}
cuz i let my glock pop
drawing chalk in the streets
but they aint playin hopscotch
i can make the rock lock
soon as i get the pot wet
like the fire hydrant on
i can leave ya block wet
they dont like that {h*ll naw}
but i dont give a f*ck
2 deals in 2 years, a mill
i got plenty bucks
cant tell me sh*t {y}
cuz snitches i dont f*ck wit’em
dfb b*tch
h*ll yea i’ma buck wit’em
still got da pound
still package the yade
and i’m still in the hood
like the rats and the jays
gl*ss light give’em lock jaw
so they crawl right back
yea i think they like me
but i dont think they like that

[repeat chorus:]

[verse 2:]
i dont think they like that
h*ll naw not at all
take it like u wanna
get bust like a cannonball
n*gg*z like to mimick
they bite me like a 2 piece
jump juicy jump
i’ma make u n*gg*z shoot me
these n*gg*z talkin so much
but ya’ll doin so luck
i laugh so hard at u n*gg*z
cuz the sh*t tickles
talked to lady p
and she downed u like a football
u ignorant azz n*gg*
heard the people pistle whooped ya’ll
and i aint the one to f*ck wit
u f*ckin wit the right one
the tech’s in the trunk {b*tch}
unique wit them tight guns
got millions on the line
becuz my team is stronger
they dont like that {y}
becuz my cheese is longer

[repeat chorus:]

[verse 3:]
i act a *ss in this coop
put on shows like its televised
they move a lot of weight
but i aint talkin bout exercise
just keep that ar15
so my n*gg*z ready to hit’em up
its something like shevrun
cuz that silver whats gone fill’em up
and represent my click
liek a n*gg* is pose 2
and keep a couple n*gg*z
wit them 2’s that i’m close 2
why n*gg*z wanna shine
wanna be in my position
cuz a n*gg* turn out short
and leave it hard 4 the compet*tion
i’m on a mission tryna get it
cuz a n*gg* got to eat
talk sh*t on these tracks
and show my *ss on these beats
and i know these n*gg*z dont like it
n*gg*z say they wanna kill me
give’em a shot at comicview
cuz i thin kthese n*gg*z silly

[repeat chorus:]

[verse 4:]
besides tech’s
money comin in bundles
and my ice game
got me wearin a coat in the summer
i’m a gutta n*gg*
so its gutta sh*t that i honor
and i’m still in the tip
wit a team of young gunnaz {ten hoe}
thats blow, thats beam
they’ll serve what u want’em
they’ll cook it in your face
like your at the your honors
u know the recipe
slpash then drop that
add a little bakin soda
wit it make it some back
dj drop that
i betchu i can bring it back
on the track dfb
what u call gl*ss crack
gl*ss crack?
we the sh*t, so dont ask that
young n*gg*z, worth about a mill
they dont like that

[repeat chorus]

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