the writing’s on the wall lyrics – frenzal rhomb

i have seen the wasted youth that have no fear of dying
seen the other prophecies that we should start denying
look at my, look at my plan ahead? coming to a head
there’ll be black thunder, there’ll be lightening
i’ve seen a million faces, i’ve seen a million days
take a look down and realise there’s not much left to say

this might change your mind

i’ve seen the writing on the wall, and i know it all too well
i’ve heard enough, the road is looking rough
i know this all too well

superst*tion, do you believe? another seven
you might aswell convinve yourself that we’re all going to heaven
can’t beleive in a sacred god that gives me wine from water
he’ll never? what’s around the corner

i look back and wonder just why no one saw it coming
i’m looking forward to the time we’re fighting and we’re running
we can live another thousand years, oh i can tell
so your apocalyptic thoughts will lead you straight to h*ll

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