the troll lyrics – cirith ungol

hides under a bridge,
where he can t be seen.
huddled under a bankside,
staring into a stream.
wanna cross this bridge,
well better be aware.
there is a brown hairy troll,
gonna give you a scare.

yea, i’m the troll,
this is my bridge,
go turn around,
back through the ridge.
yea, i ‘m the troll,
don t you even dare,
yea, i’m the troll,
gonna get you there,

monster from beneath.
b*st*rd of grief,
such a sad sigh,
does he wanna die?
in a mind of fear,
the troll lives in my mind.
i must forget this fear of regret.

the troll
the troll
the troll

the troll will charge a toll,
that is, your life,
so this is it,
you better think twice,
don’t cross the bridge,
where he lives.
but, it’s too late
cause here he is,

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