the southern wind lyrics – decimator

the past became a legend of southern land
i can remember of those who carried the flag
all over the land swords ‘n’ spears ready
to defend the honor of their descendants

land of the freedom, where no one controls
betrayers, tried to sell this land
‘til the battles had begun
when we knew their lies we took their lives
and cursed their names
deceivers, we never will forget

for long painful years of intense war
a lot of warriors riding their horses
fought for this land, fought for the glory
died for the freedom, died in the war

we have to be strong and ready to defend
the place we were born
where cold wind blows
and southern legend will never die

southern descendants born to fight against tyranny
on the battles of the past
we have been riding towards the throne
we have been marching forward to
conquer the land
we enthroned the best regent

but we can’t forget
how much blood was spilt
spread by the wind
all over the southern land

[repeat chorus]

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