the sleeproom lyrics – gary numan

this is a story
and this is a song
every little thing that they
tell you is wrong
this isn’t evil
this is a sound
and this conversation is possibly down.

i know that i’m not all that pretty
i know that i don’t sound like i should
i don’t even belong to fashion.

this is a secret
and all this is true
everything i tell you belongs here with you
i’m not a hero
i’m no good
i don’t belong here but my heroes should

and i’m moving
and i’m lying down
and i’m losing
and i’m losing.

this is uncertain
this is unsound
is this a feeling or something i’ve found
this is a story
this is a song
every little thing that i’ve told you is wrong.

gary numan… vocals, keyboards.
mike smith… keyboards.

music… gary numan
lyrics… gary numan

produced… gary numan, the waveteam.

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