the silent way lyrics – voice

one sunny morning i read my paper
distressed when i saw the starling line
“old man found dead in his apartment”
vague shadows fled out of my mind

remember the time when i was the child
and the little red house near the wood
the day were excifing, lively and wild
with the old man in the neighbourhood

please come back
for a last chance
don’t let me alone
with my sorrows
let us be friends
again and again
today and tomorrow
again and again
the silent way

when my parents h*t me, you dried my tears
like a father you stayed be my side
solver of my problems, opposer of my tears
you understood me and told from your fight

time came one day that i had to leave you
didn’t look back, got out of your life
forgot my childhood and forgot you, too
now shame cuts my heart like a knife

please come back…


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