the shitagogue lyrics – grand belial’s key

sh*t paints the sides of the chosen edifice
a goat is murdered to terrorize god
inhumane sympathy for *n*l palpitations
untamed methods of blood baptism

in constant fear the female hideth
a dirty gypsy in a land of crooks
her menstrual offerings stain the altar
the legions hail the teutonic sign

p*ssover genocide
merciless fire

hounds of misery and infectious wounds
crippled pig fixed by a slew of silver spikes
web of misfortune and deceit
lord of the nomadic human pork

tyranny returns
the synagogue burns

proselytes can’t abstain from f*cking
full of pus were the arteries of the elders
miscreants wage impious battle
christ bears not a single weapon
his bones crushed by the hammer
then drowned at night in the mor*sses

satanic bullets destined to perforate
the chosen people of zog
hordes of true black metal arsonists
roast the red fathers of the protocol

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