the sandstone man lyrics – and also the trees

the sandstone man
i feel my head fall to the ground
gaping mouth and broken crown
the sandstone man
through the bramble snakes
that scratched away my face
i see the clouds like blossom round the moon
the sandstone man
n*body knows where i am
i could utter my name to you
>from my nettle grave
the sandstone man

the rain erodes my crest
my hands into my chest
the sandstone man
n*body knows who i am
but you know i am close to you
i watched a tree grow tall and fall
i saw you riding down the rainy lanes
in november
the sandstone man
you have forgotten who i am

the honeysuckle twists across my breast
and i am happy
i see the stinted willows by the frozen stream
and the frost as far as eye can see
but you have forgotten who i am

sometimes the sky is full of birds
but mostly it is empty

/ and also the trees lyrics