the remedy lyrics – end zone

“destiny is not a matter of chance.
it is a matter of choice.
it is not a thing to be waited for-
it is a thing to be achieved.
william jennings bryan”

a question fades
in the stillness of the air
i have to seek
the answer by myself
what if i don’t?.
what if i quit?.
life is a game
i’m the misfit
there is a scar
cut deep, too far
beyond my flesh
on through my soul
lifetime dividing gash
ten thousand dreams
and miles away
there’s my lost yesterday
a peaceful flow
through days… and maybe years
among the thoughts
of how it could have been…
if i was there
back then again,
was unaware
of any pain
day after day
it gets harder
to bear this scar
and overcome this depression bizzare
i close my eyes
and wonder why
someone does not give up
a remedy-
the healing power
is it really in me?.

[post scriptum:]
the idea for this song came after the tragedy that befell jason becker.
to the authors the way jason treated this terrible scar is the clear example
of how a person, a human being does not give up in the face of earthly
misery and chooses to go on strugglingonly with the strength of his will.
this is indeed a choice to be respected. the authors would like to address
this song to those making their final choice of life and death.

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