the real world lyrics – criminalz

[verse one: spice 1]
survival of the real, my n*gg*s they know the deal
how n*gg*s be creepin up on you like they wanna fill
ya body with slugs, it aint no love in this game of thugs
push come to shove it’s deeper than dubs in this game of drugs
mean mugs cause they high and turnt into habits
used to be ballin but now they just some dope fiend addicts
mad at the world, drunk with the engine revvin’
broke with a 357 thinkin about a 211
tryin to put capers on anybody with some paper
followin n*gg*s around that’s rollin in escalades and navigators
picked the wrong one keep the dough it’s goin’ down
found yo self face down foolies all in yo crown
lettin off rounds, yellin stop but it’s on square
slugs flyin through the air, brains flyin through yo hair
grabbin on a chair with that dead man’s glare
while the grim reeper’s there thinkin life ain’t fair, uhh

[chorus] – repeat 4x
survival of the real, my n*gg*s you know the deal
welcome to the real world, n*gg*s get killed!

[verse two: jayo felony]
now came 6 deep and got put 6 feet in the ground
n*gg*s hungry? well i’ma keep feedin ’em rounds
i gets medevil up on they *ss, desert eagle up on they *ss
no sequals when i p*ss just a memory from the past
is what the f*ck you gon’ be duckin on me
or just get you shot in the head in the face instead
so stand still and take each slug to ya chest through a mail lead
cause we don’t f*ck around with that return from the dead
the survival of the realest n*gg*s how long can you last?
you got 1 minute to pray the next second could be your *ss
in the real world it ain’t over ’til it’s over
n*gg*s talkin about a squad, but you still lookin’ over your shoulder
hold a calico keep a *rs*nal please beleive it
ready to clap in case of drama, stayin’ heated
i hold a blunt between my f*ck you and my trigger finger
hit it hard and choke and let the smoke linger

[chorus] – repeated 4x

[verse three: celly cel]
the n*gg* wanna hear some g sh*t n*gg* and y’all should
the most talked about rhymer if it’s bad or good
it’s all hood, you wanna give me somethin then give me ya house
cause you can keep your stank p*ssy b*tch just give me your mouth
they get excited when we write it, don’t bite it n*gg* watch me light it
thugs blind until we talkin bout he won’t bite it
b*tch we smoke big drugs with thugs and f*ck b*tches on plush rugs
even though this her n*gg* house, yea, but this is drugs
cuz, so i skeeter it on purpose, man your wife is worthless
the way she slirp d*ck the b*tch need to be in the circus
f*ck a hoe keep it crackin’ i got deadlines to make
alb*ms and soundtracks i got headlines to make
it’s real simple, study the amps with your lazy *ss
i’ll be in baghdad somwhere with my crazy *ss
be in cell keep pushin a strong line
we keep theses b*tch *ss hoes a long time

[chorus] – repeated 8x

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