the real thing lyrics – kingston wall

you gotta do right by me, its mandatory baby
sweeter than your favorite ice cream be, bask
in my glory baby/
don’t play no games, that’ll ruin thangs
and make me leave ya, or mistreat ya and you
don’t want that
don’t hesitate, i could make you great
like cleopatra jones i could set you straight

i’m the real thing, in stereo
i got a little highs, i got a little lows
follow this, melodic flow
i could make it shine, i could make it glow
(repeat x 2)

i’m more than a toy for your satisfaction
i’m a pay-per-view for the tv screen, your
main attraction/
your phosphorus, i’m your energy
when your lost, and you need some focus
come see me
i’ll entice ya man, i do it all the time
in the mornin’, in the evenin’, when the
doves cry
i can feed you gut, put you in a tub
when i turn it up, yeah brotha you know
what’s up
a little bubbles and a body rub, turn off the
water (drip drip)
don’t think about dessert, i got enough
and a whole lot more to ggiivveee!

(chorus x 4)

glow glow glow
when i turn it up, yeah brotha you know
what’s up

(repeat x 3)

glow glow glow


(chorus x 2)

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